Train Safety Presentations and Railroad Investigation and Safety Course

Train Safety Presentations

Whether it’s a pre-k classroom or a room full of firefighters, New York Operation Lifesaver’s train safety presentations are tailored to deliver the information that each audience requires.

We pride ourselves on our ability to teach train safety to children, and to people of all ages. New York Operation Lifesaver volunteers do hundreds of presentations each year. It’s easy to secure a train safety presentation for your classroom, community group, or law enforcement agency.

Resources for Educators

Operation Lifesaver, Inc has developed many resources for school age children. We have coloring books, activity books, guided lessons, Tuesday Track Trivia and other train safety education tools in addition to our safety presentations. Find out more

Railroad Investigation and Safety Course

Our new Railroad Investigation and Safety Course  is designed to help keep first responders and law enforcement safe as they do their job near train tracks.

Train safety education is our core mission. All our train safety presentations and course are free.

To secure a presentation for your school, agency, or community group, you can contact New York Operation Lifesaver directly at 518-269-9131 or by email at [email protected] or you can use our website to secure a presentation

  • Safety presentations
  • Pre-k/Head Start
  • K-8 Students
  • General High School
  • Driver Education
  • School Bus drivers
  • Professional Drivers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Firefighters
  • General Adult
  • Snowmobile/ATV

Railroad Investigation and Safety Course 

Operation Lifesaver, Inc.’s (OLI)  Railroad Investigation and Safety Course  (RISC) was designed for first responder and law enforcement community by safety experts in industry and law enforcement.

RISC prepares officers and other first responders to use the proper safety techniques while investigating a grade crossing collision or trespasser incident, in addition to maintaining on-scene safety unique to the railroad environment.

If you’ve already taken the RISC course and are interested in becoming a RISC instructor. Find out more.