Emergency Notification System Saves Lives

Emergency Notification Signs are at every crossing. They are like a railroad crossing’s license plate, carrying the information about where the crossing is located and the phone number of the railroad. Only the Railroad can stop the train.

The information on the blue and white Emergency Notification Sign (ENS) can save your life.

If you’re stuck on the tracks find the blue and white Emergency Notification Sign:

Do you know where the blue and white sign is located?

Link below is to the PSA on the ENS sign,

If you’re stuck on the tracks take these steps to avoid tragedy

  • If you’re vehicle’s stuck on the tracks, get out of your vehicle
  • Locate the Emergency Notification Sign located on the crossbuck.
  • Call the 800# on the sign and give them the crossing number located on the sign. Let them know if there are injuries and your status.
  • The Emergency Notification Sign 800# number goes to the train dispatcher and only they can stop the train
  • Call 911 to alert local authorities
  • Stay well away from your vehicle
  • If a train is coming run TOWARD the train but at a 45 degree angle, as in the pic below