New York Operation Lifesaver has developed several PSAs

Some of our PSAs are below but more are on our YouTube Channel

Trains belong on Tracks You Don’t  English 

Trains belong on Tracks You Don’t  Spanish

Distracted Driver 

Do you Know What TO Do If You’re Stuck on the Tracks?

Videos from Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

Operation Lifesaver, Inc. has developed a multitude of videos and PSAs. Topics range from vids featuring cartoon characters Sly Fox and Birdie targeting elementary age kids to videos targeting new drivers, school bus drivers, law enforcement, rail transit riders, and much more.

Go to this OLI.ORG page to see the many, many videos and PSAs made to help teach the public about train and track safety.

 Public Awareness Campaigns

State Crossing Laws

Federal Railroad Administration

The Federal Railroad Administration provides safety statistics and Information

On a variety of rail related safety topics

Office of Safety Analysis

Grade Crossing Dash Map for Grade Crossing Collisions

Trespass and Suicide Dashboard

Federal Railroad Administration Crossing Locator Mobile Ap

Federal Railroad Administration Law Enforcement/First Responder ResourcesFederal Railroad Administration Pedestrian and Motorist Resources