Driver Safety Near Railroads

All Drivers Should Know

Trains Always Have the Right of Way

Never try to beat a train by going around downed gates

It takes at least a mile for a freight train going 55 mph to stop

Trains are always CLOSER and FASTER than they appear

Multiple Tracks Could Mean Multiple Trains. Always wait for the gates to fully rise before proceeding. It could save your life

Operation Lifesaver, Inc driver safety information

Play it safe, slow down at railroad crossings! This image shows three tracks on the crossbuck. Multiple tracks mean multiple trains! Wait for the gates to be completely up and the lights to go off before proceeding in this situation.

Advanced Warning Sign

When you see the yellow and black Advanced Warning sign it means you’re approaching a railroad crossing and you need to slow down.

Driver Education Presentations

We have safety presentations tailored to the needs of new drivers. Schedule a new driver presentation or contact the New York Operation Lifesaver state coordinator at [email protected]

More information for  New Drivers