Emergency Notification System

Did you know that every railroad crossing has a blue and white sign about the same size as a car license plate that’s attached to the crossbuck or signal post? This blue and white Emergency Notification System sign can save your life or the lives of those on the train if your vehicle is stuck at a railroad crossing.

You Tube URL for Emergency Notification System PSA

The ENS sign is particularly important for professional drivers to know about, since they can drive low clearance vehicles that can get stuck at humped railroad crossings. Because of these low clearance vehicles, professional drivers were the main target of this 2020 campaign.

For this campaign we re-edited OLI’s Emergency Notification System video and had it running both online and at gas stations. We also gave out the hand card you see above through a partnership with TravelCenters of America and placed posters advertising the ENS sign and how it could save lives at truck stops throughout NY. Those professional drivers who took our ENS survey got a Koozie on NYOL as well